Why Intility

A foundation for digitization of core business


For satisfied and productive employees

Employees that are satisfied with their IT workday is a prerequisite for everything from productivity and efficiency, to innovation and companies’ ability to retain talent.

Intility’s platform service puts the user at the center and includes a modern, secure and fully managed digital workplace, delivered as a service.


For a digital competitive advantage

Digitization imposes ever greater demands on companies’ IT platforms. A modern, secure and well-functioning IT environment is a prerequisite for digitization of both the digital workplace and companies’ own core business.

Intility acts as a catalyst for companies that want to realize their digital ambitions and develop a lasting technological competitive advantage.


For a secure and compliant IT environment

In an increasingly digital world, data and IT systems are becoming the most important resource for most businesses. At the same time, these resources are exposed to an increasing number of risks, such as malicious code, hacking and fraud attempts.

Intility includes a complete and fully managed security platform, delivered as a service. The security platform is continuously updated and developed to provide effective protection in an ever-changing threat landscape.


For continuous development

An exponential technology development places a demand for continuous upgrades and development of companies’ underlying IT platforms. Equally important is that updates and new functionality are secure and maintained based on a holistic approach to the underlying platform.

In comparison with dedicated IT platforms per company, companies on Intility utilize all the benefits of continuous development as an included part of the service.