The Solution

An industrialized IT platform, delivered as a service


24/7 monitoring and error handling

An industrialized approach to platform, service and application monitoring ensures end-to-end visibility throughout the value chain. The monitoring platform is continuously updated with new features, enabling Intility to detect and resolve issues before they impact end-users or service quality.

Intility is the Single Point of Contact for all types of issues and performs event handling in collaboration with system owners and service providers as an included part of the service. 


End-to-end support

A 24/7 support service, with deep operational insight through real-time data from the underlying platform, clients, and network, is essential to support employees in their day-to-day IT needs.

Intility’s support platform is undergoing continuous development. Machine learning models, automation, and portal interfaces that aggregate increasingly more data from different platforms help enhancinging the precision in handling inquiries, errors, and interactions between Intility, system suppliers, and each company’s own IT resources.


Network services

Network delivered as a service from Intility supports Intility’s overall responsibility for the establishment, operation, monitoring and life cycle management of each company’s cloud-based network platform and integrations with external cloud services as well as communication lines, mobile data communication, and local network. 

Intility’s network platform is fully virtualized and software-defined. Automation, micro-segmentation, and 24/7 monitoring and handling of all types of errors on the network ensure stability, scalability, and security throughout the network delivery.


Security and compliance

Today’s dynamic threat landscape imposes the need for a security architecture that is constantly updated and developed. Therefore, all companies on Intility are protected by an industrialized security platform, delivered as a service. 

Intility’s Security Operation Center (SOC) is an integral part of Intility’s built-in platform security, and conducts continuous threat intelligence, detection and handling of security incidents 24/7 in close collaboration with leading security actors. 

The security platform is supported by an information security and compliance service that simplifies the work of ensuring compliance with internal and external audits by issuing regular audit reports to all companies on Intility. 


Documentation and portal tools

Intility’s portal services provide extensive self-service features as well as access to detailed documentation and operational insight into each company’s IT environment. 

The portal contains customized interfaces for each company’s employees, with information about their own equipment and applications, as well as guides and support features. Each company’s IT resources have access to complete inventory overviews for clients, networks and systems, tools for automatic provisioning of users, access and services, real-time health status information and much more. 

The interfaces are continuously updated and are central to the interaction between each company’s internal IT resources and Intility in the further development of the company’s IT environment on Intility. 


Application operations and DevOps

Applications on Intility are handled by a set of industrialized services and technologies that together form a comprehensive “system cradle” for the applications.

These services include detailed 24/7 monitoring of applications, databases and web services, integrated identity solutions, privileged access control, self-service, high availability, code control, and CI / CD.

Intility ensures high quality in the implementation, integration, documentation and continuous development of the customer’s applications on Intility, regardless of development methodology and platform.


Workplace and device management

The workplace services on Intility include end-to-end responsibility for everything from clients, network, security and mobility solutions to 24/7 support and operations of each company’s core systems and Microsoft 365. 

A complete life cycle management service for PC and Mac clients, mobile devices and local infrastructure components ensures security, continuous updates, automated software deployment, and efficient error handling.  


Identity and access control

Identity and access management is based on a hybrid identity platform that provides automated multi-cloud user provisioning and seamless access to both internal and external systems and services. The platform is tightly integrated with Azure AD, including just-in-time privileged access, conditional access, and multifactor authentication.

The management of users is completely automated and carried out through comprehensive portal interfaces or integrated HR systems. Users are created, modified, and terminated to maintain efficient control and proper licensing.