Technology and digitization for a more sustainable world

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Sustainability on the Intility platform

Sustainable thinking is not an alternative way of thinking. It is rather a prerequisite for healthy and responsible operations in the coming years. The UN’s sustainability goals (SDGs) are the world’s joint plan to eradicate poverty, fight inequality and halt climate change by 2030.

Technological development is a crucial factor in creating a more sustainable world. In fact, every SDG can be linked to successful digitization. Therefore, Intility, as a technology company, has an important role in contributing to sustainable development.

For Intility, sustainability is about how our business and operations impacts and creates value in all three dimensions of sustainability; the social, environmental and economic conditions.

Internal goals

Overall sustainability goals for Intility


Sustainability and technology

Through technology and digitalization, companies do not only increase their productivity and competitiveness. They also get better conditions for becoming more sustainable. Assisting customers in their digital initiatives is the most profound contribution to sustainable development for Intility – in terms of financial, social and environmental conditions. This is where we see the biggest ripple effects, and were we have the greatest potential going forward. This emerges directly, by virtue of the development of the company, and indirectly, through the impact we, as a company, have on our customers. 

At Intility, our job is to increase access to information and communication technology. The goal is to contribute to technological development that benefits the society, and we believe all companies can benefit from the power of technology. We develop an inclusive and standardized platform, which is equal across all companies at Intility. Every company, regardless of size and industry, gets access to Intilitys fully managed IT platform – involving an infrastructure that has previously only been available for the largest companies. This also means that all companies on the platform benefit from the development and innovation that takes place, either with us or among the partners in Intility’s partner ecosystem.


Becoming better at sustainability

At Intility, our approach is that sustainability is a continuous process where we always will strive to get better. 

To work holistically and structured with sustainability, we have chosen to follow – and report upon the SDG’s and the UN Global Compact’s 10 principles. These frameworks help us structuring and prioritize the work, while the reporting is an important part of assessing the actual effects of our work.

Intility is also certified as an environmental lighthouse and has worked targeted with our own climate impact since 2013.

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UN sustainability goals

The UN’s sustainability goals are the blueprint to achieve a more sustainable and better future for all. The goals are complex and address the global challenges we face. All 17 goals are important, but Intility shall prioritize the goals that are most relevant in regards of our business model, industry, and stakeholders’ expectations.



To succeed we need to work together

Sustainability and the UN’s goals are matters that concern the entire world, and we can all contribute to help achieve them. To succeed as a company, and in our work with the SDG’s, we must work together – both internally and externally.

Customers, partners, suppliers, and the business community are our most important partners. Our work with the UN Global Compact will be important in the future, and we will report to them on our selected objectives and follow up on these, in collaboration with stakeholders and the society in which we operate.

Intility will contribute towards important measures on sustainability and believes that the opportunities for increased innovation and implementation increases when we collaborate with other companies and networks.