Since its establishment in 2000, Intility has built and developed a complete and industrialized IT platform, delivered as a service. All companies on Intility use the same end-to-end platform service. Intility acts as a digital foundation for companies that want to harness the power of technology to increase productivity and competitiveness. 

In an age where all businesses are becoming increasingly digital, it has never been more important to have a modern, secure and well-functioning IT platform. Digital transformation has become a prerequisite for growth and development. At Intility, we therefore find great meaning in helping companies realize their digital ambitions. 

Digitization is at least as much about organizational development as it is about technology. Today, all companies, regardless of industry, should do what they can to attract and develop digital competence in their own business. This applies to everything from mercantile resources with an understanding of technology, to system owners, technicians and developers. These are resources that have great potential to contribute to increased productivity and service development when they are hired into the departments that work with the company’s core business. 

Technology development is exponential. Therefore, companies’ ability to drive continuous and incremental improvement and development based on technology is an eternal project that cannot be left to external consulting companies alone. 

Intility has had continuous organic growth for the last 20 years. We are driven by an ambition to show what it is possible to create when people with a long-term perspective build something that no one has built before, and which is greater than the sum of the individuals. 

The company currently has over 400 employees with an average age of 28 years. The departments at Intility consist of employees with different educational backgrounds, ranging from technicians and developers, to computer scientists and mercantile resources. A not insignificant proportion of the employees are, or have been, apprentices at Intility, which is considered an important part of our social responsibility. 

Intility aims to operate in a way that minimizes negative impact on the environment and ensures sustainable development. Subcontractors are required to do the same. Intility has since 2014 been certified as an Eco-Lighthouse. 

Intility Arena and the many years of involvement in Norway Cup, Bekkelaget Sportsklubb and KFUM is partly about increasing awareness of Intility and unity within our own organization, but also about supporting grassroots sports in Oslo. 


Andreas Hisdal

Chief Executive Officer

Erik Bakkejord

Executive Chairman