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Intility Mobility Management

The way we work has changed in recent years. The development is moving towards increased mobility and driven by a desire for more efficiency and better accessibility. This imposes higher security requirements on your mobile devices. After you have registered and your device is compliant with company security requirements, Intility Mobility Management provides you access to company resources. The purpose is to increase productivity, safeguard security and prevent spreading of sensitive data.

Intility Mobility Management is designed to distinguish between personal data and company data, preventing the storage of corporate data in personal applications and documents. When the device is deregistered, all company data will automatically be removed. This service will ensure that security is safeguarded while employees can work across their mobile devices.

Your Benefits

  •    Allows you to manage your devices and install company applications from the self-serviced “Company Portal”.
  •    Increased productivity by gaining access to company resources from your mobile devices.
  •    Password reset, devices lock removing all data belonging to the company, without compromising any personal data.


Privacy is important to us, therefore Intility only retrieves limited information about your device. Intility get an overview of user, model, device name, operating system, serial number, company applications and manufacturer. Personal data such as call history, location, text messages, pictures, personal email, contacts, calendar, web history and personal data/applications will under no circumstances be retrieved.

Technology partners in the Intility platform ecosystem

Technology partners in the Intility platform ecosystem