IMM – Delete e-mail account – iOS

Delete e-mail account – iOS  1. Select “Settings” 2. Select “Accounts & Passwords” 3. Select “Exchange” under Accounts 4. Select “Delete Account” under your account: 5. Select “Delete” under Delete Account. 6. Your e-mail account is now deleted. You are ready for Device Enrollment.

IMM – iOS Enrollment

iOS Enrollment 1. Download the “Intune Company Portal” from the App Store 2. Start the application and log on with your username ( 3. You will now be presented with the steps necessary to enroll your mobile device into Intune. Select “Begin” to continue 4. Review the privacy information and choose “Continue” 5. Select “Continue” […]

IMM – Intility Mobility Management (English)

Intility Mobility Management Intility Mobility Management is a service that helps enable your workforce to be productive while keeping your corporate data protected. The service empowers employees to be productive on the devices they love and ensures that devices and apps are compliant with company security requirements. Intility Mobility Management only retrieves business-relevant information, and […]

IMM – Intility Mobility Management Infosite

Intility Mobility Management The way we work has changed in recent years. The development is moving towards increased mobility and driven by a desire for more efficiency and better accessibility. This imposes higher security requirements on your mobile devices. After you have registered and your device is compliant with company security requirements, Intility Mobility Management […]

IMM – Delete e-mail account – Android

Delete e-mail account – Android 1. Select “Settings” 2. Select “Cloud and accounts” 3. Select “Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync” 4. Select “…” illustrated  5. Select “Remove Account” 6. Select “Remove Account” 7. Your email account is now deleted. You are ready for Device Enrollment.