Klaveness Digital chooses Intility

Klaveness Digital chooses Intility Managed Azure.

Klaveness Digital is a Norwegian technology company owned by Torvald Klaveness, which develops solutions that help global companies reduce costs and risks related to shipping and logistics, through real-time data and insights that help customers make smart decisions. The team consists of logistics experts and data specialists in addition to a commercial team.

Intility Managed Azure is part of Intility’s cloud operations service and include, among other things, the security and day-to-day operation of business-critical systems built over one or more platforms.

Intility is a complete platform service for multicloud IT environments. The service is utilized by more than 600 companies across 2000 locations in Norway and around the world. Intility acts as a catalyst for companies that want to exploit the power of technology in order to increase their own productivity and competitiveness.

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Technology partners in the Intility platform ecosystem

Technology partners in the Intility platform ecosystem