Intility oppdateres med Software Vulnerability Manager

Intility is updated with Software Vulnerability Manager (SVM) from Flexera as an included service for all companies on the Intility platform. 

Along with the technology development and new methods of exploiting vulnerabilities, higher demands are required for a structured and comprehensive system for identification, overview and reports of vulnerabilities in installed software. SVM is an advanced tool for scanning of vulnerabilities in executable files and monitors software installations on over 30.000 devices on the Intility platform. 

With automatic detection of known vulnerabilities, the tool facilitates fast deployment of application packaging updates. The data is available in a database where Intility implements updates by predefined distribution groups based on criticality. 

The service represents a comprehensive security upgrade for companies on Intility. It provides new insights and a next-generation ability to identify and solve complex issues, as well as perform targeted updates and proactive error corrections on over 3 000 unique applications and 3 millions executable files. 

Read more about Software Vulnerability Manager from Flexera here.

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